Who We Are

As a Ministry of Foothills Alliance Church, ManUP strives in all it does to glorify God. We are a ministry formed to support the development of godly men through activities, mentoring and bible studies. We encourage brotherly fellowship by building each other up in Christ in order to face the challenges of life together. We promote acts of service and sharing of the gospel as these are natural expressions of a godly life.

4th Musketeer Xtreme Character Challenge 2019

The Xtreme Character Challenge: a milestone in your life! 72 hours of adventure, challenge and inspiration. Multiple teams of eight to ten men (19 and over) band together to face the rugged terrain to measure ourselves and each other.

Character starts at the borders of the unknown. Men are pushed further, deeper, and harder than they may have ever experienced before. Fatigue, cold, hunger, thirst and physical exhaustion are emotions that men can expect, but behind every challenge lies a certain purpose for character-building and for an incarnation of Biblical truth.

If you think you can't. that is precisely the reason to come.  If you think you don't need it, you are in great need... Are you up for the challenge? June 6 - 9, 2019   Register here