Who We Are

As a Ministry of Foothills Alliance Church, ManUP strives in all it does to glorify God. We are a ministry formed to support the development of godly men through activities, mentoring and bible studies. We encourage brotherly fellowship by building each other up in Christ in order to face the challenges of life together. We promote acts of service and sharing of the gospel as these are natural expressions of a godly life.

Parenting Teens - Choose Greatness

Why do some teens thrive as adults while others struggle? What makes the difference?

Promise Keepers Canada President, Kirk Giles sat down with Clarence Shuler to get some practical advice to help young men choose greatness. In this podcast, they discussed how to support young men in dealing with video game addiction, sexuality, responsibility and consequences.

Clarence Shuler is the president of Building Lasting Relationships and interacts internationally with young men about friendships, dating and sexuality. Clarence wrote a book on the same topics with Gary Chapman called Choose Greatness.

Listen to the podcast here